This entry imparts several heavy hitting ((insights)) which ((Observe)) that authentically sustained ((Relaxation)) is an indication of the actual ((Realization)) of ((enlightenment)). ((Deep Relaxation)) is not a state of mere placidness. But rather, a highly ((Functional)) state of ((Intelligent)) ((Improvisational)) ((Fractal)) ((procedure)) characterized not by lethargic indifference, but instead, Alert ((Availability)) to adjust to continuously un-/foreseen/ circumstances on all scales of time, however they play out. If one can only ((relax)), everything is in ((Actuality)) ((OK)). But one can’t just “relax” with a snap of their fingers, can they? It is ((permission)) based. In other words, one must have strong enough ((Reason)) to justify ((relaxing)) or ((permit)) ((relaxing)). But when the alternative is so seductive… (as in… not relaxing, but getting stressed to any degree)… due to the deep programming of

/self/-preservation and the gripping effects of the /fight-flight-freeze/ (/f-f-f/) reaction of so-called “intelligent life-forms”… how does one find ((reason)) so powerful as to have the ((Capacity)) to ((pacify)) and ((Over Power)) such a deeply hard-wired programming? To the person who has long since /normalized/ the /ab/-((normal)) program that says, “/safety/ first”… aka “/self/-preservation first”… to ((Trust)) can only be perceived as un-/safe/ and therefore /irresponsible/. That is the /f-f-f/ programming winning the day again. But when one can ((Trust)) for the right ((Reason))… enough to ((Relax))… then immense ((Energy)) is liberated from the /asphyxiating/ grip of /f-f-f/ where one must “bend over backwards” just to feel /safe/ which is ironically the same as feeling un-((Safe)). Back to “((Permission))”. The ((Formula)) is: in order to ((Relax)) one must be able to give themselves ((Permission)) to ((Relax)). But /one/ is literally in-((capable)) of giving such ((Permission)) when one is existentially ousted from the realm of ((Permission)) at the Ground-floor. So naturally… ((scientifically))… one must ask, “How do I gain access to the ((Sacred)) Realm of ((Permission)), which is ((Agency))? Why is it not /granted/ to begin with?” Well, in a way it is… but it is a kind of pre-((Agency)) that we tap in every second of every day as we seemingly make choices and movements of our own volition. But if one is ((Brave)) enough to step back and observe the actual impetus behind all of these movements in a day… how many of them are initiated by /motivations/ which are founded upon the anti-((agency)) script? (AKA /fight-flight-freeze/ that accompanies the /identity/-based code of conduct). You will find again and again, that without the ((Source-Script)) we can only go “/anti/” whatever it is that we detest. So if being /stressed/ is the /diagnosis/, then to go /anti/-/stress/ is the same as staying /Stressed/ with a capital “S”. You are denied ((access)) yet again to ((Relaxation))=((Agency))=((Permission))=((Safety)). So you are denied access from ((Enlightenment)) as it actually ((Is)) and are left only to /imitate/ the /characteristics/ of ((Relaxation))=((Enlightenment)). The only ((answer)) is to ((Identify)) the actual cause of /interference/ with the ((Sanity)) of ((Deep Relaxation))… which is the /identity/ code. Because /identity/-code (In-((sanity))-code) is the means by which we create /diagnoses/, it follows that the only way to ((diagnose)) the real dis-((Ease)) is by ((Means)) of accessing ((True Reason)). That is why, to ((See)) the /in-((Sanity))/ code is to simultaneously ((Arrive)) in ((Source-Code Awareness))=((Enlightenment))=((Bliss))=((Relaxation))=((Trust)). Therefore, the most ((Practical)) thing we can do is to ((See)) the /identify/-code in operation. This means that you are ((Transcending)) the /objectified/=/nihilistic/ space and accessing ((Living Reason)) which is the only ((Force)) powerful enough to ((Overthrow)) the /rule/ of all

/identity/-based /thought/-forms. In other ((Words))… to ((Be)) ((Reason)) is to ((overthrow)) /ir-((rationality))/… which can only /think/ /ABOUT/… /Thinking/ /ABOUT/ is what creates the chasm for /doubt/, /un-((certainty))/, and therefore /worry/=/stress/=/hellishness/. ((Thinking)) is the ((Antidote)) for the dis-((ease)) generated from /identity/-based /thinking/. One ((Re-Members)) with ((Source))=((Knowing))=((Trust))=((Relaxation))=((Bliss))=((Enlightenment)).

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