Wondering what the ((Double Brackets)) are? Let me ((Show)) You

This ((Post)) is one I've been meaning to write for a long time! Why? Because of the sheer indispensability of a ((New)) language code that I am privy to, and yet, has yet to catch on, on a mass scale. This blog will be one of my many attempts to help make ((Double Brackets)) ((Happen))!

Firstly though, some background is necessary, especially if you are coming into this completely "cold". The title addresses those who have "hung out" with me... or my Dad... our both of us... or our writings, videos, conversations.... And are somewhat familiar with our ((usage)) of what we call the "Double Brackets" ... ((...))... and "Single Brackets" ... /.../... But it is not uncommon for some to feel "annoyed", inconvenienced, or just plain confused by our insistence upon ((implementing)) them.

Well, we've seen it all... from the ideal "Mind=Blown" response of someone really ((Getting it)) (my personal fave)... to the predictable (and understandable) /resistance/ to their usage (I'm learning to love that too).

But what are they? I'll get to that soon. You should know a little history first. In short, my Dad, Unprecedented Global Philosopher, and all around ((Bad-Ass)) is the one who developed them. Obviously he did not invent the parentheses or the slash symbol... but just as the meaning of a pawn in a game of chess IS the use of the pawn... the Meaning (and indispensability) of the "double brackets" is all in the ((use)). And I have to give credit to my Dad for that. But to understand the ((...)), one must first understand that it was not some whimsical invention, but painstakingly ((Arrived)) at after the most ((profound)) breakthroughs through history, culminating in one man having the wherewithal to put the /pieces/ ((together)) in a ((Unified Vision)) and ((See)) the Global necessity for facing the same /barrier/ that every culture on Earth, through time, has been up against in our ((Evolution)).

You should also know that I grew up as my Dad was "discovering" the ((Double Brackets)) through his life-long work as a seriously genius Logician at Haverford College where he has been teaching and developing "Global First Philosophy" (also unprecedented) for 50 years! You may conclude, "Well that's why you speak so highly of him, he's your Dad!" But ironically it was that very thing I had to get over as I came into my own over the years.... The fact that he is "my dad".

I did indeed get ((Instilled)) with something deep around all this as a child, that I didn't realize I was getting at the time. But just like any kid growing up in affluent America, I watched TV, played video games, wanted to be someone famous, chased after girls, looked forward to getting things at Christmas... And after years of a deeply ingrained cultural imprint, I had the kind the telltale, naive arrogance embedded in my mind and attitude from the culture around me. I indeed had to go through all the annoying stages of rebellion, thinking I knew everything, and challenging authority in ways that even my peers didn't.

This was both my blessing and my curse. I'm glad I rebelled... but it was not the answer... that is, except to the degree that I had to go through all that in order to realize it wasn't the answer! Now, not to make me out to have been a total punk-ass kid... But I definitely had to go through some humbling. Like many, I had access to a certain degree to ((Source)), as I like to call it, and was able to teach yoga intuitively, write songs that had lyrics deeper than I even understand when I wrote them. And everyone has their own ((gifts)) and abilities in one way shape or form. But because of this, I felt somehow that I already understood basically what's going on and was able to "get away" with piecing things together whilst avoiding doing the ((deep homework)) that was required of me to get to where ((I am)) now.

I just want you to know that part of the historical context as it is an essential piece in understanding that I'm writing this today after having gone through all the deep /resistance/ that I now bring out in others... perhaps even you too! But I am coming from ((Love))! There is no part of me that would expect ANYONE to understand without some time and patience. This is one of the biggest /resistances/ we come across in people... when they feel they don't understand something yet... and the annoyance of having to Learn something new. It's like a built-in reactionary device. Like a child not wanting to leave the womb because it's so cozy! We are not trying to /make/ you /see/ something. We are ((representing)) and ((PRESENTING)) something that all of us are required to face somehow. There is no /getting around/ ((This)).

On a larger time scale... let's say 2500 years or so... we have seen some indelible marks made on the very fabric of our Global Human Family by some serious ((Heavy Weights)) as I like to call them. The obvious names are ones like Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Lao Tsu, Abraham,Moses, Muhammad, Socrates, and others. Now one of the biggest /issues/ we run into with this ((list)) is that it is strikingly devoid of female figures in a time when the feminist movement is quite possibly as charged and laden with "PC mines" as the Civil Rights movement. And I am ((For)) equal rights and respect across the board..... of course! If you are a woman (or even a man for that matter) please don't let this throw you off! What we're ((addressing)) here is way beyond /gender/ or /race/...it's even beyond /religion/! In fact getting caught up on the appearance level of our ((Source)) ((Pioneers)) is precisely a symptom of the very /resistance/ of which I speak. And the very essence of what all of them ((taught)).

That said, I want you to know that I know that countless Woman and Men both who have made UNBELIEVABLE sacrifices to further our ((Evolution)) get little to no Limelight in the accounting of /history/. And I don't doubt for a second that woman and the glory of their contributions have been purposely marginalized by threatened /Men/ who were too small to celebrate Wisdom coming through Women. But when you realize that what we are talking about... which can be named in so many ways... Again, I like "((Source))"... is ((Beyond)) /gender/... Then the absolutely justified Gripe you have with the unfairness must be translated to the unfairness to ((Source)) in all her forms... especially ((Wisdom)).

Also mind you, I'd probably know nothing about this history if it wasn't for my Dad's decades of learning, reading, studying, meditating, developing, researching, on and on. I just wouldn't have had the wherewithal to have realized the necessity of such dedication to really get to the ((bottom)) of our Human /condition/! So I must give HUGE ((Props)) to my Dad! Hats off Pops!

Took me a long time to get over all my hangups though... especially in New Age Heaven (Sedona, AZ) where /spirituality/ has largely become a defense mechanism against ((Spirituality)). I literally describe it as "The day I got my Mind back" when I overcame one of the ultimate Credos of the /spiritual/ movement in myself which mandate that in order to be "awake"and "enlightened" you must "stop thinking"... and "get out of your head and into your heart"... and the like. I only like to use curse words sparingly, but since it's all too perfect a description in this case, I have to say it... it was the ultimate Mind-Fuck. We've since coined the condition "((Mind))-/phobia/. And I know all too much about it. Though, even if you don't necessarily have anything against rationality and using you head, you may still have ((Mind))-/phobia/. this will start to make more and more sense as we go deeper.

Back to the ((Big Picture)), humans love to partition and compartmentalize everything from gender, to race, to country, even our bodies (aka "upper body" "lower body" "arm" "leg" etc. but check out the yoga stuff to go more into that). In other words we're addicted to labels and labeling. Name tags... and it has enabled us to grow so insanely prone to hating across these divisions that we have had Wars. Yeah, I know that seems, like, normal or something, but just imagine for a moment that it's not.

We have partitioned the ((Teachings)) of the great ((Heavy Weights)) too. We call it /religion/ and though I know it could really upset a lot of people... The /religions/ have become the very thing that their revered teachers warn against. So now we have multiple /Gods/ and only one can be the right one. But even a child which their innate ((Truth)) meters still intact could point out the fallacy of more than one ((Supreme Being)). Atheists and Scientists like to think this doesn't apply to you... you have a /god/ name too. It's called /matter/. A /God/ name is nothing more than the blatant (yet not so obvious) malpractice of /naming/ the ((Infinite)). /Boxing/ the ((un-/boxable/)).

Yes, I'm aware I keep using the brackets and even as I write this... I'm wondering if I should just turn it into a book. But it shouldn't take much longer to get to the ((Main Point)) here! But you need to understand that since the beginning there has been a Global endeavor to get to the ((Source)). Whether you call it ((Truth)), ((Love)), ((God)), ((Allah)), ((Yahweh)), ((Brahman)), ((Spirit)), ((Energy)), ((Matter))... there are ((infinite)) ((Names)) for the ((Infinite)). and there's not more than ((One)). And that one is ((Unum))... ((Infinitely One))...((Infinitely interconnected))... nothing could ever separate from it. It is the ((original cause)).

Superstition hopefulness doesn't tell us there's a Supreme Original Cause... ((Reason)) does. And that kind of ((Reason)) is even alive in a child. But as we get bombarded with the /cult-ure/ around us which is governed by the /divisive/, /fragmented/, /deadly/ code of /naming/, by the time we are 10 years old even, many of us are so /alienated/ from that ((Sanity)) that we don't even know it. And it's /normal/ because everyone is /alienated/ too!

This is an old condition. That's why even thousands of years ago, the ((Heavy Weights)) were calling out the depth of our existential condition. They were NOT trying to start religions. /Religion/ is the result of pulling ((Being)) into our /fragmentation/. That's how there can be religious wars even when it is the most obvious point that the "founders" of the religions would never condone such atrocities in the their name.

But again, this is even bigger than /religions/. Religion is a huge part of it. But this /breakdown/ is literally in every aspect of our lives. A lot of taday's science, for example, is founded upon the findings of those pioneers like Socrates, and Aristotle, who were not pushing religion, but rather, the quest for ((Truth)) and what is ((First)). We all say it... "That makes sense" ...or... "That doesn't make sense"... even if you are not interested in literal "worship"... you to are devoted to "Sense" which is "Logic" which is "Reason" as your guiding light whether you realize it or not.

The obvious evidence of our history and our current condition glaringly shows that we are not getting something. Something doesn't make sense. Something is wrong. And it is everywhere we turn! It's big... and yet... it's invisible! Enter the brackets...

Imagine a young Logician coming to see that Logic itself is /fragmented/ and /divided/ and /incoherent/ after following the trail from the earliest pioneers of Logic to present. Not only within the western developments of logic... but eastern logic as well. And between the two of course! Called from the time he was 14 walking the streets of New York city to "((Follow the Universal Light))" he knew he could not /conclude/ that ((Logic)) is inherently /broken/ as this would be ill-((Logical)). But he had no brackets yet.

After years of seeing, scientifically, again and again, the same pattern repeating itself, both in the ((Wisdom)) coming from the ((Source))-((Pioneers)) and in the incessant return to /rendering/ their ((Medicine)) into the /box/... It became apparent that there is indeed an un-/speakably/ deep culprit at work in the human mind, across the globe, that needs to be ((Called Out)) and brought to the fore of our ((Awareness)).

With language as the very fabric of our cultures (in whatever tongue) and inextricably interwoven with word and thought and reason, it also became clear that a ((notation)) ((Technology)) was needed to ((Disrupt)) the /trance/ of speaking/thinking/writing/teaching in the /box/ space that /humans/ don't even know that they are in.

In other words... Whenever we write, or speak, or even if we are not being verbal, but just in action in some way... we are governed by a /code/ much like the computer or phone you are reading this on (which you can't see)... that is /fragmenting/ and continuously /interrupting/ the ((Coherent)) ((Conintuity)) of unimpeded ((Rational)) ((Flow)) that ((governs)) everything from the atoms in your body to the cosmos in space.

In other words... we are in deep existential agony without even realizing it. Because from the time we were born we have been /forced/ to comply with /standard practice/. And no matter what part of the world, what language you speak, what religion or non-religion you subscribe to... behind the /appearance/ level and the incredible range of differences we /face/... we all share the same underlying, and devastating /code/. And it is never NOT there. Running like the mother-board of your very reality.

When we speak, write, do, we are using a code. Even just to get up and walk across the room. Everything you think, decide, choose, conclude all pre-/limited/ by the /code/ of which I speak. Therefore, when we write, which is another form of thought-language-culture, it can be scientifically expected that around every word and thought the code is there... invisible... dividing without us even knowing it. It's happening right now.... imagine if /you/ /could/ /suddenly/ /See/ /visibly/ /what/ /your/ /mind/ /is/ /already/ /doing/ /all/ /of/ /the/ /time/. That's what using the "/Single Brackets/" allows us to ((See)).

But ((remember))... the /single bracket code/ can't reveal itself! It's /founded/ upon the very /denial/ of ((what)) makes it possible to do /it/ in the first place! And that's ((Source))! That's the ((Infinite))... That's the ((Original Cause)). And /we/ are to really face ((that)) the entire /structure/ of our /world/ get's ((unplugged)). But don't be /afraid/. Be appropriately in ((Trepidation)). Because right where you sit... you are being ((Sourced)). But your /code/ has been blinding you to it. So you couldn't /feel/ ((it)) and you couldn't /know/ ((it)).

The ((...)) and /.../ ((Technology)) which go hand in hand is making visible and explicit the ultimate "elephant in the room" so to speak. That which /((Humanity))/ has been trying to ((Transcend)) since its beginning. And this technology couldn't come out sooner than it did... before the world was globally connected and we had enough "water under the bridge", ((pioneers)) /killed/, ((Wisdom)) /hijacked/ and all of the glaring evidence of human suffering to finally come to a point where we could call out the ultimate /elephant/! If my Dad didn't do it... someone else would have to! My part in it is ((Saying)) what I can to make it easier for you to ((understand)) the real task at hand. And that is to kick the biggest, worst, longest standing, invisible addiction of all! The /Matrix/. No, not the movie... the word "matrix" was around long before Keanu Reeves! The /matrix/ is the /ground/ we stand on. But if the very /ground/ we stand on is un-((Grounded))... founded upon /ignore-ance/ of the ((Source))...which is the ((Ground)) of all... then we are in a seriously dire situation. And like I said... it's science! The ((evidence)) is all there. It's been there the whole time. ((More)) than /enough/! We've been /looking/ for the /problem/ and the /cause/ /out there/... but it was the /looking/ that was the problem all along!

When we see the ((Depth)) of the /matrix/, how long-standing and deeply embedded it is in our world and /cult-ures/... and we face the ((sobering)) effects of what that means... which is that there is going to be a serious ((Rehab)) in order for ever single last person as we go from /human/ to ((Human))... Then we can see that the ((...)) /.../ isn't annoying! It's worse! It's ((Real))... It's not going anywhere! There's no /getting around/ it! It's pure ((Science))... ((Truth))... ((Irrefutable))... and that's the ((BEST NEWS)) of all because it means we don't have to waste time exhausting ourselves on the /titanic/... we each have our ((Life Vest)).

If I tried to /write/ everything I've ((Written)) here without ((...)).... I wouldn't be able to ((Say)) this. And it would all default back into the /matrix/ of /dead/ /words/... /suffocated/ /meaning/... and rendered im-((potent)) once again.... just like every great ((Teaching)) since they've been ((coming through))! You may very well wonder as I did... "what do a couple 'symbols' have anything to do with saving humanity from it's demise?" All I can say is you just have to start using them. At the very least, be ((open)). Because they ((Work)) on you in ((ways)) you can't even /imagine/ yet. ((They)) open ((Pathways)) that we were continually /denied/-((access)) to all along. This is the ((Beginning)) of a ((whole new World))! And we have NEVER been here before!

It is the most exciting time to be ((alive))! The ((Task)) is ((Huge))! But ((We)) can ((Do)) ((it))! ((One)) ((Word)) at a ((Time))!

When you realize that your every experience is determined by the /narration/ of what is "going on"... and you realize that the "Narrator" can be a /narrator/=/machine/ or a ((Narrator))=((Source Flow Life)), and that every moment is an opportunity to literally ((lift)) up ((EVERYTHING)) from /it/ to ((it))... from /i/ to ((I))... from /Human/ to ((Human))... from /love/ to ((Love))... on and on and on... then /you/ no longer feel in-/convenienced/ by the ((...)) and /.../ but ((You)) finally feel ((Enabled)) to ((Speak)) ((Think)) ((Feel)) ((Be)) ((Live))!

The more of us catching on the what the ((real)) /problem/ is.... the more we can get closer to activating the ((Sanity)) of ((Dialogue)) on the ((planet)) for the ((Global Human Family)) to ((Rise)) to our truest ((Nature)) and actually ((transcend)) the /dark ages/ we've come to know for far too long! It's not just gonna /happen/. We have to ((step up)) and ((Meet)) it! Let the ((Brackets)) help you disentangle from the /death-grip/ of the /matrix/! ((Trust)) ((Me))!! It ((Works))!

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