Näthan Gangadean

Founder•Teacher•Yoga Innovator•Musician•Producer

      Näthan Gangadean is a ((Yoga)) Agent.  In a world where ((Yoga)) and ((Wisdom)) are being universally diminished to the very mentalities they are ((Designed)) to Liberate us from, Näthan has found himself ((Called)), more and more over the years, to do something about it!


      His ((Yoga)) classes, ((Education))-collaborations with his Father Ashok, his ((Music)), ((Podcasts)), ((Writings)) and the like are ALL geared towards

((calling out)) this gross malpractice of the ((Wisdom-Arts)), including ((Music)), and to assist his fellow Humans in getting ((Woke)) to this "invisible violation" of our ((Selves)) and of ((Reality))... To essentially overcome our deep ignorance.

      Indeed it is of Utmost importance for Humans to ((See)) our seeing, ((Mind)) our minding, ((Aware)) our awaring at the deepest level!  And the whole point is that we ALL have this dormant ((Awareness)) and ((Agency)) within us. 

      Näthan wants you to know that he is not special.  If he can ((Learn)), then so can you.  That is his ((sole purpose)) in the Life.  To help everyone get ((Turned On)) for ((Real)) so we can pull humanity out of its normalized disarray and Hell, and truly rise into our Highest expression of ((Life)) from here on into the ((Future)).

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