Ashley Gangadean

      It has been a long journey navigating a world that most people (live) in whilst carrying a deeper ((knowing)) that within each of us exists a higher purpose and ultimate interconnectivity. The interconnectivity is bonded with everything we feel, touch, hear, see, not feel, not touch, not hear, and not see. The journey I have been on for the last two decades has been entrenched in holding vision for humankind to arise from the depths of pain and suffering that has so long been adhered to. It goes without saying or recollecting all of human history, there is so much beauty in the world, and also, so much unneeded and inappropriate amounts of suffering. This suffering is not just the suffering you see of those who are homeless, suffering from mental illness, or are underprivileged (however that may manifest); each human being suffers at some point in their lives with rigid narratives/stories, and core beliefs that disengage us from a life of sustainable joy and connection with the ((self, others, and our world)). As this journey we all travel (whether you are aware of it or not), I intend to heal by assisting those in need, spreading kindness, and providing unconditional positive regard for every single human being (and all sentient beings). For all beings are ((sacred)) and hold the ((source code)) within, in order to find ((ultimate freedom)). This is the journey of ((life)), and it is each and everyone’s choice as to whether they wish to engage or disengage with it fully. I encourage everyone to reach within to your core strength and engage and create on the ultimate journey.

      As for some background on myself, beginning at five-years-old, I was exposed to Eastern Philosophy and Global Wisdom, encouraging me to witness to the interconnectivity and universality of all religions, spiritual beliefs, and wisdom. Holding a holistic foundational understanding of this unbreakable interconnectivity has deeply influenced my career as a mental health counselor. I see the individuals I work with as holistic, integral beings who suffer from a world that is disconnected from itself. People are not the problem. The problem is the problem. I seek to empower clients to be gentle and compassionate witnesses of themselves. The goal is empowerment of ((true self)).

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