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       I have been following a path to ((Source Life)) for decades.  As a young boy recently arriving in the United States, walking the streets of New York City, I felt a powerful life-changing call to follow the Path to the Universal Light.  I did not know then what this meant, but over the decades this Call from ((Source)) grew stronger as I matured as a Global First Philosopher.  It would be years on this path as a Philosopher, studying deeply and living through a vast range of great Philosophers and Wisdom Traditions through the ages in a ((Global Light)) that I began to ((see)) that this early Call to live in the ((Universal Light)) is the Call of ((LogoSophia)), the Call of ((Source)), the ((Light of Reason)) the Call of ((Primary Being)).  Over the decades, in retro((vision)) I understood that my decades on the path as a ((First Philosopher)) was the perennial quest of ((First Philosophy)), the quest for ((Primary Being)), the quest for the ((First Science)) of Deep Ontology.  I began to see across our great Wisdom and Enlightenment traditions - Socrates, Buddha, Jesus, Krishna, Lao Tzu, Moses, Mohamed- to name a few selected Sophia Lovers, that the highest genius of our revered teachers and scriptures was pioneering portals to the long emerging yet still missing ((Source Code)) of all worldviews, scriptures, cultures, narratives, and forms of life.

       As I deepened in my journey into this ((Universal Global Light)) it became clear that these great teachers and traditions of ((First Teachings)) were in latent consensus that we humans have been lodged in deeply implanted /culture codes/ that held us captive and alienated from true ((Source Life)). In quite diverse ways and contexts our great First Teachings sought to help humans across all borders come to awareness of our alienation from ((Source Life)) ((Global Light)) and make the all-important Dimensional crossing from being lodged within a /culture code/ which needed to be ((seen, named and called out)) into the open.  In this (Global Light)) it became clear that we needed now in the 21st Century to bring to the fore the all-important “Matrix issue”: the shift from /I===IT/ culture code to the ((I===Thou)) Logos Code of Awakened ((Rational Beings)).  So, for me, a high point in my journey as a ((Global First Philosopher)) was to find a creative way to call out the “Matrix Shift” from /Monocentric Life/ to ((Awakened Rational Life)): from /monologue/ to ((Deep Dialogue)), from de((sourced))  /reason/ to ((Awakened Rational Life)).  And in this ((Light of Logos)), the ((Code)) of all /codes/, it becomes clear that our ((maturation)) as a ((Species)) is our evolutionary advance from /human/ to ((First Persons)).  And we ((see)) through ((Source Vision)) that true ((Wisdom)) and ((Enlightenment)) comes with making this ((/matrix shift/)) from /word/ to ((Word)), from /culture/ to ((Culture)), from /life/ to ((Life)).  

        ((Source Life)) is ((Infinite Unum)): ((Infinite Unity))  ((Unum Pluribus))
((Unum Being)).  

        I am currently the Margaret Gest Professor of Global Philosophy  at Haverford College where I have been teaching for the past fifty years.


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