April 17, 2014

          It's time to stop looking at yoga as something you DO on a MAT.  In fact it's time to stop looking AT yoga and begin seeing FROM Yoga.  Yoga is the ultimate field of unifying intelligence that, by its very nature, heals us from fragmentation on all levels!  Yoga means Union. The ultimate Yoga is the yoga of thought! This awareness of thought at the most profound level brings Yoga (Union) to our lives by directly addressing the hear...

April 10, 2014

       As always with words, due to their symbolic quality, their variation of meaning from culture to culture, and their representative nature, a statement like this can easily be read, misunderstood, and filed away without its true magnitude and implications ever taking seed.  This blog is designed to empower you with one of the most profound awarenesses one can have in their yoga practice!

      When taken i...

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